Of learning to let go

She placed the little bird gently on the window. It turned to her.She said, go. The little bird did not move. It did not flap its wings. It just sat there looking pensive,lost.

She leaned closer and whispered… Go,my dear, go now. The sky is yours, the clouds for you to ride, the sun, the wind, the waters call,GO…

For a score and more, the bird nestled deep in her heart, feeding on her ruins,nurturing itself on her tears, growing with her sighs and a hazy far horizon that loomed in her thoughts.Yet, she had to let it go.

She had nurtured the little bird with her fantasies, her dreams, her hopes, thin as air, unseen, unheard, a castle woven on a figment of her imagination…or so it seemed.

Demure,dithering, the little bird flapped its wings once, then again and again, and shedding the weight of years of  expectation, anticipation,broken dreams and a  broken heart it flew…not turning back once,not stopping till it had flown far away from her to where it belonged.

She watched from the window, tears dropped, a sigh heaved, a gentle smile blossomed…

of learning to  let go…



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