Mindfulness in the classroom

Yes, it is so. It is always the classroom that seems to pull me up, throwing new light,opening new vistas, bringing in joy and making me experience living. Am I over emphasizing the significance of the classroom ? Perhaps, but for me the classroom means a lot, so much more than any other space I have experienced and I am rather proud to admit it.

I am moved, touched and infinitely blessed to be part of the journey of so many young people I get in touch with through the class rooms. It gives me goosebumps to listen to them share their stories with the rest of the class, opening up, some very intimate details about their lives, displaying  their own self- confidence and the trust they repose in me and the rest of their classmates.

Quite recently I was witness to an example of a singular display of faith ,when, as if moved by an invisible force, students in a class of more than 80, stood up, one by one, to share stories of their lives, their achievements without hesitation, with a unique and moving expression of trust in one another.

From stories of travelling from their far off home towns to the Bangalore, to overcoming gender prejudice at home, to making it to events big and small, and to reading news papers or giving commands in the school,  the class openly and freely shared experiences that made themselves proud of who they are. It was clear that these experiences were significant milestones in the lives of these young people.And not surprising a majority of those experiences of pride and dejection had something to do with their classroom, the school or the college.

As a trainer and a teacher, I  wonder if we who call ourselves educationists are aware of the supreme impact we create on these young people either positively or not so positively. Are we aware that we are somehow impacting them for a life time? Are we aware of the fact that what we say or do is going to be stored in their memories for an entire life time or may even be passed on to the next generation?

Mindfulness in our actions and our words in the classroom, in front of the audience we face day in and day out will enable us to be better at who we are and will most definitely, make a positive difference to the lives of young men and women we deal with each day. Perhaps more than everything else, in terms of the paraphernalia that goes with education today, the ac-fitted classrooms, or the swiveling chairs it is always the teacher who makes a classroom a dear place to the students.

The responsibility is huge, the pressures are too many, the rigors are too demanding, yet, carrying a smile and a kind heart to the classroom is not so difficult to do. Mindfulness in the classroom, sounds great, should be great to do too…




Some times cooking!

Sometimes cooking is such fun

to eat what is not healthy or may be it is

sometimes you just fry and roast

and tuck in with your fingers moist

sometimes it is not just the batter

it is the fun, the company and the laughter

that makes a gooey thing go classy and tasty

sometimes you just dip and dip

and go on munching lazing back on to the sofa

figuring out life and karma

sometimes its so much fun

to be cooking when she stands by giggling

the ooh’s and aah’s make life worth living.


Having come this far…

Having come this far

in our journeys so apart

shall we now sit down, friend

asked she, a bit hesitant, but not shy

age has mellowed and matured

a desire for companionship

a longing to sit down to talk long hours

and she who chose wisely

preferred a friendship she knew would be hers alone

amidst the clank of cutlery

screech of moving chairs

and the noise the music made

her voice was low and somehow lost

yet listening in, he,the friend, picked up the strains

of imaginary conversations of the past and future

and stood looking at her silently

then as if reading her mind

he picked up a book and nodding to her to keep close

shut out the noise, the thrill of action

in the corner made quiet by their choice

and silently turned pages, smiling to self

yet together in company, in companionship

grey hairs and willowy frames

had not dimmed the need for love and friendship

so it was, having come far

they decided to go further, together to the sunset.














The cow and me

Picture this!

a busy traffic junction on Hesaraghatta road

here in Bangalore

among the rush are men and women

of all hues, so am I in my rickety car

with me stands she

tall and proud

going back home after a search for her share of grass

at the traffic junction we all stood

the cow and us, she careful

of not disturbing the smart girl on the 2 wheeler

by her side

managing well, her horns and her tail

standing still, the red light was on

and when it turned green

we all moved ahead

and she the most dignified of all

walked ahead carefully

mindful of not bumping into the rushing cars and bikes

unperturbed by the noise or the lights or the horns

and we went home after a hard day’s work

she and I

the cow and me and the rest of us that day.


Guard your confidence yourself, don’t give away the keys to others

I was a vivacious little girl and was on stage a lot for events, activities and enjoyed every bit the attention I got. Then I joined a convent school where there were too many of us and suddenly I was this girl who was just ‘cute’, not smart, not studious, not the bubbly girl, active athlete I was before nor the dancer or the actor participating in a variety of school events. Was I trying to fit in and be popular and be liked? Was it because I was aware of the difficulties with which my parents sent me to the boarding school? Was it my own growing consciousness of my body as a teenager? I do not know.But some things changed so drastically that I withdrew into a shell and stayed there for a long time, until motherhood and teaching liberated me. So many golden years wasted in lack of self-esteem, confidence and so much more. This did have a very adverse impact on the way my life shaped up. I  know today where it all started and how it continued but that I leave for another day.

This extremely conscious and shy and unsure sort of person that I was did give importance to everything, everything ever said about me. There were not many good things or I thought so, and I did struggle a lot within myself.

When I look back, I wish to whisper into that little girl’s ears the secret I found many years later to putting people and what they say where they should belong and moving on. As a teacher and trainer, my constant effort is to remind the young of the power they hold within themselves, let no one dare dampen their innate enthusiasm and energy for great possibilities in life.

I was perhaps practicing it to some extent but when I read about the two circles- the circle of influence and the circle of concern in Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, it became so crystal clear to me and made my life so much more easier.

Well, it is simple, you see, all you have to do when you hear a not so great comment or opinion about you or what you do is think of the two circles -of influence and of concern-and decide where would this particular comment/opinion/situation go- if it comes under your circle of influence -meaning if it is something you can still work on and improve -take it positively and work on it- you will see the difference.

If on the other hand, it is something that falls under your circle of concern- like your aunt’s dislike for you- clearly there is nothing you can do about it- so leave it at that. Forget it, bury it and move on. You will see the difference.

After all you get to decide who matters in your life.  Never lose that power of discretion.

A slight against you, a smirk, a jeer, a taunt is all welcome, now that you know where to put it. Again ask yourself does this person, this event, this comment hold any relevance for 5 years from now? If it doesn’t, walk ahead, forget and move on.

What a waste of our life is it to fizzle it out in response to an idiot’s remark-the idiot could be your boss, your spouse, your neighbor, parent or any body who does not see worth in you.

Kishore Kumar sang in the film,Amar Prem, a Rajesh Khanna-Sharmila Tagore starrer-

” Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna, chodo bekar ki batein mein, kahi beet na jaye rahna” meaning it is for the people to speak something or the other about you, it’s not worth wasting your life over it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVwEqLdYjeM

Remember when you have proven your worth to yourself, the world will sit up and notice and if it doesn’t it is they who lose, not you!

Go on then guard your confidence yourself, don’t give away the keys to others!

You be the guard to your confidence. Never give away the keys to anyone else.

Love old and new

What happens to love old and new

that you tuck beneath the bills and the tasks

that bleed a little with a song or a sight

that stays with you

yet is not quiet yours nor hers or his

what happens to love old and new

pickled in jars of expectation

a longing, a forlorn expression

a waiting for what is not to be

seasoned with time

and the timelessness of hope

what happens to love old and new

sitting in the corners of your heart

staying young as you grow old in your head

that breaks out in a stifled sigh

or a rapturous laugh

or a tear that ran down your cheek

what happens to love old and new

bottled in prime

not yet let out

for it might break

you more than anything else

a tug, a pull, a sigh, a lost look

what happens to love old and new

that you slipped beneath the bed

into to a pillow cover

between the dusty books in the living room

below the sanity of living

does it sleep with you or live you sleepless?




What you do does not ask who you are

The thought that the car I drive does not care if I am a woman, or if I am over 40 or if I am a Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Sikh struck me the other day and gave me enough courage to hit the road after a rather embarrassing episode the previous day.

The post you hold whether you are heading a classroom, school, a nation or a company again does not ask you who you are, except that you do justice to the role that has been allotted to you.

Where you come from, what language you speak, what food you eat , what you wear or who you sleep with does not have anything to do with the kind of friend you make, the brother or sister you become or the citizen that you are.

The best in art, dance and craft or literature or music or films can be produced by any one irrespective of where you come from, what your parents do, whether you belong to a nuclear family or a joint family or whether your father is working or has stopped caring for you.

I hear my students apologetically taking the name of the small town or village they belong to and say in a rather mild, dull voice, “I come from a very small village in such and such a state.”

And I always ask them where did Dr.Abdul Kalam come from? Where did MS Dhoni come from?

Did that make any difference to what they became?

If it didn’t, it should not make any difference to you too, nor to the infinite possibilities that you hold.

It does not matter whether you are dark, fair as a fairy or tall or short or fat or thin as long as long as you trust yourself and your abilities and put in the effort that you need to, to reach your goal.

What you do does not ask who you are.

What you did should instead raise questions about who you are. Let that be your game plan.

Let those who do not know you ask about you on the basis of the work you have done.

And don’t we have enough examples of how we have often wanted to know about a person on the basis of his/her work? Yes, we do.

Let’s just remember them and focus on what we can do and move mountains small or big!