Sisterly Times

A lone sigh escaped her soul

and she looked behind and glanced ahead

she whose twinkle toes blessed the land

whose twinkling eyes held dreams

she who bent down to rise

and raised many with her golden touch

she who stood to fight and never brooked a chance

to fight for what she thought was right

she,my sister in spirit and soul

she who leads the way with nothing but grit and gumption

she who stopped by to say take care love

leaving me in tears of joy.

As we parted, she said

its been a good life of learning

for love we will look ahead

a knowing smile lit her face.



10 Reasons not to quit your job

Don’t quit your job because you suffer from any of the given chronic ailments of a creative mind:

  • My Spouse, My Purse:  Your hard working spouse earns enough and more. So you decide to live off his/her income. You might just pull it off for sometime but certainly before you lose your spouse and his/her purse, go fend for yourself.
  • Born Rich: You hope to inherit property from your parents and you are secretly counting their days on the planet. Good luck! because unless your property is self-replenishing by nature, you are unlikely to  sustain for long.
  • Married Rich:Was that part of a plan or was that accidental or mere providence? Whatever that is, remember that your spouse’s inheritance is his/hers primarily.
  • I Did My Job: Coz you worked for 10 years of your 55 years of existence, you cannot think that you can loaf around and go jobless!
  • The Avenger: That you have an ax to grind with your boss, company, neighborhood, gods above, demons below or your in-laws and your spouse doesn’t warrant you to quit your job and go jaywalking in the moonlight!
  • My Rich Sis/Bro: Family bonds are wearing thin and its better not to bank on such accidental mercies!
  • The Guru Cool: However cool your guru might be and however effective you believe his/her ability to read and predict your tomorrows be – don’t quit your job …Plzzzz. Besides, the guru is not going to charge you less, because you are jobless.
  • The Entrepreneur Bug: The most recent and the most contagious of all the virus causing job quitting is the rather uncontrollable urge to make it on your own. Look, look many times before you leap. Think, think hundred times before you quit!
  • The Zamindari Appendicitis: Do you belong to a family of royal lineage?Did your grand father ever own an elephant? Did your parents parade you as the next inheritor to kingdoms they never owned? Then you are likely to take your neck to the guillotine and say good bye to your monthly income and idle. What a pain!
  • The Lottery King: In the eventuality of your banking on the lottery ticket you bought hoping to be declared the winner, there’s nothing I can say to you. Whether you work or not doesn’t make any difference,all you would do is spend it on buying more tickets anyways!


-A Wailing Victim of Circumstances Contrived and Otherwise

Lazarus and more

When was it that it happened,

the actual death?

Years of poisoning had left me immune to pain

slow,slender,sly, sleep-inducing.

Your attempts at seducing me to everlasting sleep

lulled me to your baseness.

I knew it all along, didn’t I?

I did.

Yet, keeping you busy in your malevolent games

was my game-plan.

You would not have guessed

pleased as you were with the dancing minions

of sedatives coating my food.

Surely it kept my thinking away from you

celebrating your success as you were

the dancing evil in your life

egging you on to poison, to kill

if only to rule a lost mind and a lost body

to conquer a free thought, a freer spirit.

Yes,you killed

the incantations must have given you power

you megalomaniac


but just a little of me , not all, not at all.

I have lived enough, to know enough

to know what I show of me to whom and when.

Go celebrate the kill

Go dance in the wilderness

the death is here

not of me, but of a little of  me

and we are strangers you and I



PS: Reading Lazy Lazarus!



The Modern Scholar Gypsy!

She said, “that’s what I want to do”.Not for me the office, the boss and the deadlines. Nor the sarcasm and the sneers. Neither  these petty drops of munificence. My wants are little, my means be they lesser.Stifled in the cloistered corridors of powerlessness, I would die. The world is my canvass. I would dance, paint and wander the lonely lands, the lazy turns or just sun gaze. I would eat or dance or sing but not to please. I for one would lord my world. If love wants attention, let it be my companion. Else there is enough in this world to hold me in interest. I am at times bewildered at the thoughtlessness of adulthood. The race of mercenaries pretending to have a cause. It disgusts me to hear of the games behind the games, the news behind the news, the shows that go unseen and the shows that are meant to be seen. The more I know, the less I wish I knew! Leave me to myself, to my pleasures or my pain. I will wander the plains and hills, I will be the minstrel of the unruly, the unkempt. Be me uncouth in this world of nauseating polish and pretension where men are brands and parade is all one has to do. Years of schooling killed my joy, replacing it with a constant anxiety for things that do not matter at all.Yes, what would matter when the earth shakes and the skies shower?Who would dare hold his temporary piece of permanence in face of nature’s fury? Who can?Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my pizza and my burger. I love biting into my ice cream as my mouth fills itself with smooth choclatee nuttiness. I love my songs, the movies and the rest. Yes, there is in me the girl who wants to parade the attire straight from the fashion shows in Milan and don the street wear with ease. Some times in the wisdom of my 18 years of existence,I look ahead and feel not so enthused with what life offers to me, or what paths I would be expected to take. I wish to do just my thing.Be me, just me. I see that jeer, that turn of the lip. You do not matter to me. Fend off, bugger!


Wisdom from the Dust

Thus She Spake, The Speckle of Dust

“Can you not hear it?

the muffled cries of pain

the twisting bodies writhing in agony

the crushing sound of the hearts

can you not decipher from the silence ?

the meaningless ramblings

the long drawn out laughters

the silent chuckles

the threats, the whimpers, the screams

Can you not reckon?

the depth of thoughts

the frowning foreheads

the missing beats

Can you not remember ?

the lives past

the heart rending screams

of souls past,present and future

of great thoughts and noble intentions

of greater love ethereal, ennobling

of torments endured

of the vanquished and the victors

in that handful of dust

you hold close to your heart

you tread upon nimble, unsure.”

“O man! O man!

listen sometimes to the ground you walk on

to the breeze you breathe in

to the waters you quench your thirst with

bloodied stained and dried

embossed with  invisible stories of now and ever.

listen in when arrogance sweeps your heart

when ambition clouds your mind

when helpless you stand in face of the storm

listen to the universe

and her indifferent laughter.

when you count your monies and cry

when you count the hurts and weep

when you hit the wall and fall

hear then the indifferent laughter of the universe

she has seen it all

the monotonous tale of  the living

coz she knows you survive if you are meant to

otherwise perish!”

So be it! Tathastu! (Say all!)


At the threshold of another beginning

It surely felt like another beginning. The signs were the same.The brightness, the lightness, a certain sure-footedness. I looked at her clear eyes and the fixed gaze.I realized how determined she was. There was nothing to say. No need for consolation, no support, no vain good words of positive reinforcement, nothing.

“When life events had occurred earlier, it was never my doing, I was just the actor, playing the role laid out to me.” But “this”, she waved her hand with what may be called arrogance, “is  me. I charter the course of my life now. It feels good to hold the reins. It breaks my back sometimes, but, is there any gain without pain?”

We kept looking ahead, staring at a vague something. Having watched her struggle through low self-esteem, doubt, fear, loneliness I had almost given up on this woman.But she proved me wrong. Her bull-like resilience  helped her stand up  un-cowed to the walking away from responsibilities of others. When dialogues, advice, suggestions, hope and patience ran out, she took the spade into her own hands. She made decisions, entered spaces hitherto,oh-so-not-her -kind and well, made a niche for herself.

It was one such day that she decided upon buying a flat for herself. Flat, you? I asked surprised but how? You don’t earn enough? What if you lose job? Why so, over ambitious? I am not going to give you a penny, declared someone. And I never expected you to, she laughed.Are you crazy or stupid? Why do you want to burden yourself ?I asked bewildered at her stubbornness. The philosophess replies smugly, “I am just buying a bubble for myself in the transience of this life. It happens to be costly, but its my bubble, that’s all.”