Every day at work I meet so many people, we talk,we share we move on but with some the talk leads to thought and then some action and then some thing more springs out of it.

From where I  sit in the staff room a lot of academic discussions happen even now when summer holidays are on.

A young lady has just achieved a major mile stone in her career.

Another is racing past with dedication and determination.

I overhear conversations of learning, writing, research, paper presentations throughout the day.

Sometimes heated discussions on syllabus, teaching methodology and planning take place.

When I sit down with someone, I am drawn into interesting and enlightening discussions about life goals, about studies, of youth, of work and what not.

I learn how goals of sustainability can have implications in our personal lives.

I see feverish energy, sparks of bright minds, great intentions, wonderful dedication and a sense of belonging to future, a feeling of being on to something, something big.

It thrills me, as someone who started off the career teaching 3 year old to now being associated with an institution of higher learning, the journey has been beautiful, fun-filled and a constant learning experience and I can’t thank the universe enough for this.

A fresher at work wants to know, how can I publish something? A student asks can I also write?

In a corner, a few bright minds discuss books ,have you read Shantaram, you should try this!

Somebody is trying for a new certification, another is applying his learning to make interesting modules.

The atmosphere is charged,really!

Yes, there are times when talks can be better,when situations are not so inspiring, but is life any different?

In the labyrinth of learning, there are spaces that breathe, that are alive and kicking and  it is a comforting thought. And there are young people who choose to teach because they love it, it is a passion, not a necessity.

The other day a gentleman from the corporate world expressed his drive to get back to classrooms, ‘this is what I always wanted to do, though I am 20 years too late to begin, it does not matter’, he said, ‘I would be happy’.

Umberto Eco’s statement about ‘interstices’ comes to my mind about how being aware of where you are and of doing what you can to get there.Maybe.

Yet, I will agree with Hamlet that ‘something is rotten in the state of Denmark’, but there is hope as well, there is also effort and good intentions at work.

PS: Life is learning, learning is life.



Late(r) Studies!

A score and a half

of mothering and wifing

of daughter,sister and daughter-in law-ing

and always ranked miss-imperfect!

then this,

the book

my colleague shoved into my hands


and she, my daughter

let me ask you some questions!

and blink

FR Leavis, who?

Eliot, T.S? yeah, The Waste Land!

Year, I can’t remember!

oh! Browning, ha ha, Fra Lippo Lippi

The Last Ride Together

The Last  Duchess

I can never forget Browning!

but Post Modernism?!

I am past that, come on!

Masque?! hmm … heard of it?

wait, let me think

a warning

‘You gotta study, mom!’

but I am old, a cry

not so, a counter!

coz, ‘ambition should be made of sterner stuff!’

so said, Brutus!

what have I gotten myself into

why of all things

why risk reputation, whatever is left of it!


coz I am not rich,dammit

didn’t marry rich either!

and what got me here, won’t get me there!

besides no lottery is coming my way!

so I got to wash the sins of my youth

with toils of old age!

and keep some skills for survival!




It’s been raining

It’s been raining

women rush to collect the clothes drying

men hush children getting wet outside

to the confines of the homes

the waters gushing

are cleaning years of guilt, sins and pains

a few birds dance

the street dogs rejoice initially

then look for cover

for sometime at least

the rains have diverted much wasteful attention

from the differences of ‘us’ and ‘them’

and mostly everyone is digging into their biriyanis

dressed in the aroma of spices

after much heckling

I am at peace too

while resting under the slow swirl of the fan blades

I keep half an eye open

to catch the surprises life springs upon me

it has not been amusing always

to be caught unprepared

but time has taught and healed

and made stronger a will

pickled in pain and hurt

to blossom in smiles and hopes

while in some part of the world

a few men dribble a ball around

and others dance to their tunes

caught in the business of living

we rarely have time for breathing

what do the rain gods see

do we seem different

or do they feel indifferent?


The Importance of Being Selfish

It is important to be selfish, yes, very selfish.

Aren’t we selfish enough? Haven’t we done enough harm with our selfishness?

Well, I am talking about a certain ‘selfishness’ that is not demeaning of others but elevating of self, ‘the self’ within you.

The kind of selfishness that makes you want to fight for what you believe in.

The kind of selfishness that allows you to take a stand, say no to certain things, and essentially lead a life of your choice.

The selfishness that makes you shun those who undermine you, who treat you disrespectfully, who hurt you intentionally, who take you for granted and grant you nothing in return, is a kind of selfishness I advocate openly.

Yes, I am all for a ‘selfishness’ that  puts your self above everything else, that allows you to love yourself to the point of no return, a la narcissist, pure,simple, honest kind of selfishness.

Such selfishness springs from self-love and with out self-love there is no loving of others.

So if you don’t want to be one of those who feel that they have sacrificed their ‘valuable life-goals’ for the sake of others, then get yourself some ‘selfishness’, ask yourself, what makes you truly happy?

Cut yourself off from those who only take from you.

Stay away from those who undermine and hurt you at every turn.

If you love yourself  first, your love for others will be nobler, richer and definitely more rewarding.

If your cup of love has to overflow, first you have to ensure that it is full, full of love and acceptance of the self,’yourself’.

And it is not easy.

It is more difficult to live a life on one’s on terms than to live it by set standards of the society.

To be able to accept yourself for who you are is more daunting than nimbly following directions which you know don’t make sense to you.

If you are miserly in lavishing love on yourself, you are likely to punish others for excesses of expressions of love.

Why you might even be ticked off because some one chooses to compliment you.

We have so many stories that extol sacrifices, sacrificing food, life style, love, opportunities and so on but we really need to celebrate stories of selfishness.

I believe all stories of success are essentially stories of selfishness, a brute adherence to self-goals no matter what, some times going against society, family, belief systems and everything else.

Ask any sportsman if he/she can retain excellence without selfish devotion to his/her goal?

I grew up thinking of sacrifice as a great virtue.  But those who seemed to have sacrificed a lot never looked very happy about themselves. Was it because their sacrifices were not valued or recognized? Or was it because they never really lived the life of their choice?

The wisdom of living taught me that it is important to take care of yourself. It is important to have that all important ‘me-time’, ‘me-goals’,’me-life’.

It is essential to have life-goals tailored to suit you and only you, even if you are branded’selfish’.

Because it is from that position of being selfish that you can even think of being selfless.

Because unless you are happy with yourself, how will you give happiness to others?

So, what are you waiting for, indulge, extol and celebrate the self within you!

Invest in your learning, in your appearance, in your soul-joy and the world will join in your celebration of the self!



Of gratitude

Nothing is as pure as tears of gratitude

overwhelming the soul

in feelings so noble and pure

that makes living a pleasure

sometimes as if sensing a downtime

the universe sends her messengers

who kindly let you know of your

small insignificant self

and its value to those seemingly unfamiliar.

When kindness pours in

you bow and take in the bounty

for in friends lie blessings

in deeds lie goodness.

The journey has been tough

the paths have been rugged

the skies have been clouded

but rays of sunshine have always sneaked in

often and on as a helping hand

a friendly smile

a pat on the back

a hug and a cheer

So you soldier on

your smile intact

Some do wonder

where does the smile come from?

It comes from within

from a gush of gratitude!

PS: It’s a small world with a big heart!


After much running

‘x’ chose sitting

wondering they asked

what happened

nothing, ‘x’ shrugged.

It was shocking

for someone used to be on the go

to be so still.

The stillness within

claims the without

some time some day

then there is peace.

May be that is it, maybe not

‘x’ never equals ‘y’!



കണ്ണുനീർ ചാലുകളായി
ഒഴുകി കൊണ്ടിരുന്നു
സന്തോഷവും പോയ വഴി
അത് തന്നെ എന്നോർത്തു
അവൾ സമാധാനിച്ചു.